Fiberglass Pool Renovations

Fiberglass pools are great for home owners with their easy-to-keep clean surface and come in all shapes and sizes making them the most popular pool in Australia.
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Fibreglass Pool Renovation 2
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However, when a pool’s surface is old and worn they can look ugly, grow algae and even worse, they can leak. One of the biggest problems of a fiberglass pool is osmosis (black spot), caused by tiny holes in the pool’s shell that have uncured resin or gel coat chemicals like cobalt in them. 

When the water passes through the tiny holes, it reacts with these chemicals making the molecules transform. Then they simply get too big to fit back through the hole. This leads to the formation of a number of blisters in the shell, getting bigger and bigger overtime until the blister bursts. Those blisters weaken your pool’s shell causing cracks that aren’t good for any pool. Ultimately, what you will see are a bunch of ugly black dots in the surface. 

These black dots leak and they won’t go away. You can scrub it off today and they will be back in a week. It’s a real stinky liquid (we would know!) and they sting your eyes.

Black Spot in Pools
Pools with black spot look like this.

How do we fix the black dots in your pool?

We remove the black spot before we resurface your pool by grinding it out and filling the holes with new fiberglass or cabosil and vinyl ester filler. 

Fiberglass pools can also get weakened steps and ledges due to sand washing away and water running down the side of the pool. Over time, the weight of the pool’s water pushing down causes a hair line crack that starts leaking until it gets too weak, then it cracks. 

This kind of crack can cause a pool to split straight down the middle as you will see in the photo below. This problem is even worse in pools that have ground water issues as they have potential to float the pool out of the ground.

After the pool shell has all osmosis removed and all holes and cracks repaired, the pool is then lined with a new coat of vinyl ester resin and chopped strand fiberglass matting.

We give a 5 year warranty on black spot

The new layer of glass not only is the base for your new pool’s surface to stick to, it also forms a chemical barrier to prevent any further osmosis

If your pool is old, the chances are that it’s made out of general purpose polyester resin. This resin has little to no chemical resistance but it does have strength, so with one layer of vinyl ester laminate your are essentially updating your pool with modern technology that will make your pool last much longer.

Then, the laminate is sanded and fiber tech fill coat is painted all over the pool to add a second chemical barrier and lay a base color while filling the fiberglass matting weave. 

The pool will finally get a final detail sand and a thick coating of aqua guard topcoat rolled all over to seal it off and make your back garden look a million dollars.

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Vinyl ester resin and chopped strand fiberglass matting
A leaking hair line crack.
Pool after renovation
Pool being renovated
Pool while being renovated

Fiberglass pools are so popular because they require very low-maintenance, they are long-lasting, resistant, affordable and they increase in value year by year.

It's time to renovate your fiberglass pool now

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