Concrete and vinyl liner to fiberglass

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Concrete and vinyl liner to fibreglass 1

Most people don’t know, but there old liner in the pool doesn’t need to be replaced with the new vinyl liner. 

It can be lined with fiberglass, and the same for concrete pools. 

When you line your pool with fiberglass, it takes the strength of your pool’s existing shell and gives you the benefits of a fiberglass pool.

Won’t come loose by tucking in it to a groove! We grind in to the top of your pool shell, or if you are to have new bull nosing. We glass right over the top so the new bull nose can be stuck to it.

This pool is ready to be glassed. It has tile line rendered flat and bull nose removed to make way for the installation of a new skimmer box.

Concrete and vinyl liner to fibreglass 3

In this picture you can see the fiberglass matting being applied with vinyl ester resin. 

We also make sure to use new fiberglass.

By having your pool coated with the aquaguard top-coat and fiberglass, you will get a waterproof seal that will stop your shell leaking the water and chemicals that are added to your pool. 

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Fiberglass pools are so popular because they require very low-maintenance, they are long-lasting, resistant, affordable and they increase in value year by year.

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