About WA Pool Renovations

Protecting your family and your investment.

Does your pool have blister in the gel coat (osmosis), black spot or just the old gel coat is faded? You could be losing money every year in chemical and water leaks.

Maybe your gel coat is completed gone and the children get rash just from swimming? Well, if the answer is yes then you need to resurface your pool to protect your investment.

Leaky pools can cause so much of damage to people, the environment and your property if left unattended. It’s like watching your money leak away, and it doesn’t stop there!

A damaged pool can increase your water bills and your expenses in pool chemicals. A faded pool with osmosis is just a plain ugly, and a pool with raw fiberglass showing is not going to make swimmers itchy, it will get worse and leak. And in this case, you might be risking to wash away the foundations of your neighbor’s retaining walls.

So call us at West Australian Pool Renovations for a free quote. All our resurfacing technology has a 5 years guarantee!

West Australian Pool Renovations can also sort paving, bull nosing and all your swimming pool needs. Landscaping your back yard can be hard work so let us do that for you.

Please visit our projects to check out some before and after pictures of our work.

Fiberglass pools are so popular because they require very low-maintenance, they are long-lasting, resistant, affordable and they increase in value year by year.

It's time to renovate your concrete and vinyl liner pool now

We operate in Perth and all around West Australia