• We come to inspect your pool
  • We make a list of all problems your pool may have and generate a report of intended repairs.
  • We count on your feedback for any problems or special repairs you want us to do.
  • We'll provide you a rough estimate for repairs, renovations and any other modifications to be done.
  • Finally, we will generate an electronic quote within your budget. In case there's any reason to believe there could be any hidden costs, we'll express our concern when submitting the quote.

Wa Pool Renovations

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  • Peace of mind
  • Save money
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Prevent future problems
  • Increase house value
  • People more keen to use
  • You choose colour
  • Gets rid of osmosis
  • Stop leaks
  • Long lasting
  • Stops algae
  • Looks great!!


Fibreglass Pool Resurfacing

Concrete Pool Resurfacing

Liner Pool Resurfacing

Benefits of getting your pool resurfaced

Save money on chemicals and water! Pools with leaks are like pockets with holes in, just pouring money down the drain in water. The water holds the chemicals that keep your pool safe to swim in. 

Also, no pool leak should be ignored. A little leak now can cause big problems in the future. A leak can harm the environment around it, your home or someone else’s. 

If you add up the little cost of a minor leak now, over time it all adds up and so does the damage the little leaks caused. 

All your paving sunk? Does your pool have cracks? Or the sand under your house or boundary foundation washed away? You soon begin to think “How did this get so bad?”. 

All this could have been avoided had your pool been probably maintained. Your pool is an investment and not only entertains the family. It adds value to your home, plus your back yard looks amazing with a WA Pool Renovations complete Pool Restoration or Pool resurfacing service.

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Residencial Pool Services

A swimming pool can provide the perfect backyard getaway for you and your family.

Commercial Pool Services

We can provide all of your commercial pool, renovation and service needs.


Note: Pacific blue is not available anymore, however a new dark blue is available. It’s called Night Blue, and you can find a few pics of each blue color in the Projects section.

Pool Renovations Perth

Fiberglass pools are so popular because they require very low-maintenance, they are long-lasting, resistant, affordable and they increase in value year by year.

It's time to renovate your concrete and vinyl liner pool now

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